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Why Business Mastery 360 is a Revolution

In Entrepreneurship Education & Development

The world around us is constantly evolving. Consumers, marketing trends, employee expectations—it’s all in a constant state of flux.
That’s why we don’t just give you the answers to today’s challenges…

We also deliver a holistic education; a foundation of knowledge that gives you every tool you need to always conquer the next challenge.

Like Siphoning the Experience

of Hundreds of Successful Entrepreneurs

Through Business Mastery 360, you’ll have access to business leaders who’ve grown
businesses from scratch and helped small businesses obtain more than $51 million in capital…
Answers to Your Questions

Live interviews and Q&As give you the chance to receive the direct wisdom of successful entrepreneurs.

1-on-1 Mentoring

No matter your challenges, another entrepreneur has faced each one. Learn from their past to create your successful future.

Real-World Feedback

This isn’t generic guidance. Receive real feedback for real situations you’re facing in your journey right now.

It All Works On Your Schedule

No Matter Your Level of Experience

Designed for both brand-new and seasoned entrepreneurs, Business Mastery 360 is a
comprehensive education that allows you to master the art and science of business.

Why This Program is Perfect For You

It Gives You Everything You Need to...

It Gives You Everything You Need to...

It’s a Foundation for Total Success

With Step-By-Step Guidance for Building Your Own Profitable Business

We call this program Business Mastery 360 because it covers every aspect of successful entrepreneurship and business leadership. Whereas other businesses focus on specific skills, like sales funnels, our program combines both integral components of achieving long-term success…

The Philosophy & Mindset | The Blueprint for Business Building

It’s all delivered through FIVE intertwined layers of business management…

1. Personal Management

2. Business Management

3. Time Management

4. Financial Management

5. Sales and Marketing

Our Mission:

Deliver Entrepreneurial Success Through Education Dedication

We guarantee success to those willing to take action and chase their dreams. Set your goals, and we will guide you to them. The first 500 students will begin with FREE access to our platform. Our goals are…



$1 Billion




Stage 1. Personal Management

The key to successful business development is you, the entrepreneur. Running a successful business means understanding the principles of self-management and the inner workings of self-starting entrepreneurs.

Once your business is set up, you’ll need to have the skills to conquer yourself as well as the obstacles that entrepreneurial life throws your way. This part of the course will help expand your skill set to achieve your goals by maintaining focus and the proper perspective.

This stage will cover the following:

Vision Vs. Execution

By grasping the fact that you are the one who created your life situation, you gain more control over what you can accomplish.

Execution Without Intention

How to find a baseline of your current identity, design a new one, and grow into the new you.

Strategic Execution

By becoming aware of who you are (self-image, biases, behavior patterns, etc.), you gain clarity of perspective.

The S.M.A.R.T. Way to Set Powerful Goals

How to set S.M.A.R.T goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

The Value of Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is integral in action planning and the development of future entrepreneurs.

Why Do People Fail to Achieve Their Goals?

How to avoid the pitfalls keeping aspiring entrepreneurs from achieving their goals.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Failure

These simple steps allow you to build your empire without holding back.

Hacks to High Speed Production

In this module, we give you proven strategies to elevate your production speed.

Become a One Person Army

Discover the importance of leverage and how it directly impacts your success.

FOCUS is Essential

Our tried and tested FOCUS system will guide you toward the success you crave.

FOCUS is Essential

Our tried and tested FOCUS system will guide you toward the success you crave.

Stage 2: Business Management

As recent years have taught us all, entrepreneurs need comprehensive business management skills that can get them through any economic setback. The business management section will teach you how to uncover problems, identify solutions, and leverage those solutions into long-term success.

You’ll learn how to overcome roadblocks so you can focus all your efforts on growing your business. Learn about the areas within your business where you can make precise changes to achieve exponential growth.

This stage will cover the following:

The Business Concept

Learn about business structures, organization, mission, vision and core values. Discover how it all helps your business.

Business Planning; The Map to Success

Identify your ideal business model. What should you consider when buying a business, buying a franchise, or building from scratch?

Hiring Employees & Successful Management Techniques

How to hire quality employees, create an employee handbook, find subcontractors, and manage payroll.

Industry Guides; Specific Details for Your Business

Specific tips for your business. It’s the roadmap to success when opening a restaurant.

Cybersecurity; Protect Yourself from Invasion
Small businesses are big cybercrime targets. Discover the practical steps to safety and avoiding risk exposure through cybersecurity.
Protecting Your Business & the Benefits of Risk Management

How to reduce risk, stay competitive, and avoid potential mistakes with business insurance and necessary checklists.

When Is It Time To Sell? Succession/Exit Strategies

How to build value, determine the ideal time to sell, plan for retirement, and sell your business.

Unity of Command

How to structure your company for managerial transparency with one mission and one boss.

When Should You Scale Up?

If your business isn’t moving forward, it’s losing out. Learn how to scale your business while strengthening your infrastructure.

Buy a Business to Expand Your Current Business

How to Buy another business to expand yours; a step-by-step guide.

Ways to Expand Your Business

Want to expand your business? Here are four surefire ways to do it.

Stage 3: Time Management

Time management is an essential factor in every individual’s personal life. When it comes to entrepreneurship, it’s even more critical. This is because time is the most valuable resource, and one that’s always running out. As you’ll hear most busy professionals say: there is rarely enough time to spare. We are in a digital age where everyone is always available. Thus, you have to be attentive to many demands at all times.

Time management is the key to getting the most out of your business without wearing yourself and your team down. Our core concepts and strategies will guide you to success.

This stage will cover the following:

The Art of Choosing Goals

Choosing a goal creates a journey. Instead of setting life goals, think about setting a life direction.

Incorporating Discipline to Create Effective Goals

Use your talents and control your abilities so you can work more effectively than ever before. You don’t need any external stimuli to get you moving because you’ve got the fire within you.

Day-to-Day Rituals of Goal Achievement

Select the area of your life where you would like to set your rituals. Think about the results you want to achieve and manifest them through these strategies.

The Power of Motivation Through Analysis

This lesson reignites the fire that got you on this journey to business ownership.

The Myth of Time Management

We break time management down for you, making it easy to understand and apply.

Effectiveness Vs. Efficiency: Make Them Work for You

We dive deep into each term and teach you how to use them for the best results.

Get Results on the Fast Lane to Success

In this section, we’ve mapped out the best way to achieve success quickly.

Creating Your Game Plan to Success

You won’t feel alone in your venture when you’ve created a game plan toward success.

Secrets to Supercharging Productivity

In this chapter, we give you tips and hacks to ignite your focus and drive.

Energy Is Everything You Need

We cover how to bounce back from depletion and why energy is everything.

Energy Is Everything You Need

We cover how to bounce back from depletion and why energy is everything.

Stage 4: Financial Management

Financial management and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. This is particularly true if you’re heading a new venture. Don’t rely only on financial advisors. You should understand what you’re getting into to avoid pitfalls and setbacks.

Basics like bookkeeping and cash management are an integral part of financial management. And controls should be set by business owners. This helps to ensure integrity in these functions for complete transparency. You can then analyze financial statements to understand your business’ financial condition.

This stage will cover the following:

Accounting Basics: Let’s Get To The Root of It

You’ll discover definitions, how to select software, bookkeeping, organizing, and all the red flags of fraud.

The Fluctuation of Cash Flow

How to maximize cash flow and elevate your business through budget templates, planning, tools, and more.

The Nitty Gritty of Financial Management

We make financial management easy. This includes business finances, reports, key statements, profit & loss, and managing payroll.

Understanding Ratios & What They Reveal

In addition to a ratio calculator and template, you’ll receive a guide to financial ratios and how to measure your business performance.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Profitability

This lesson includes a break-even and target calculator, a profit calculator, a sales planner, a mark-up vs. margin calculator, and sales levels.

What They Never Told You About Taxes

The essential guide to business taxes covers federal taxes, state taxes, payroll, IRS, and record-keeping.

What to Do When Applying for a Loan

This gives you a foundation for an attractive loan application. You’ll discover how to create templates for your business plan and startup financial projections.

The Ups & Downs of Personal Credit

Discover everything about credit reporting basics, tips for improvement, monitoring, and understanding FICO®.

Business Credit Overview

Everything you need to know about business credit.

Stage 5: Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing are critical aspects of running a business. What good is a business if no one knows about its product and services? A lack of success in this department leads to failure. But with the proven strategies we’ll deliver in Stage 5, you’ll be able to elevate your business at every level.

Once your business is set up, you need to reach your target audience. This section will help expand your skill set so you may make use of your full marketing potential.

This stage will cover the following:

Get to Know Marketing Basics

Through marketing basics, strategies, and analysis, you’ll discover how to flood your business with new customers and avoid potential mistakes.

The Power of Branding

We’ll explain branding, auditing, brand analysis, and how to create target personas so your brand will resonate with your target audience.

Building a Website Made Easy

You’ll discover how to build a website and utilize SEO practices to gather market data and drive traffic to your site.

Sales Funnels Explained

Sales funnels are fantastic for generating leads. This lesson will give you step-by-step instructions to obtain effective sales funnels.

Social Media Strategies That Enhance Your Business

We’ll elevate your social media strategy through online personas, managing your social media presence, posting calendars, and image tips.

Digital Advertising: The Key to More Consumers & Sales

You’ll receive the proven strategies for display advertising, search engine marketing, and advertising on all digital platforms.

Selling Online; an Endless Market

How to implement ecommerce, set up online ordering, enhance sales through your website, identify key marketplaces, and set achievable goals.

Why Blogs Are Essential to Every Business

Blogs are the foundation of online marketing. We’ll explore how to get started, what to write about, editorial calendars, and driving traffic.

Make Email Marketing Work for You

Discover the benefits of email marketing through email marketing strategies, proven business emails, email services, and campaigns.

Tips on How to Get Sales

Uncover the strategies small businesses use to increase sales, including hyper-targeting with direct mail.

Keep Clients with Respect

Learn how to treat customers with respect and how it generates more sales.

CRM Software: What to Know & How to Choose the Right One for You

Consolidate everything with a CRM. We explain the how and the why.

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