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If you’re looking for a glimpse of entrepreneurial stardom and political greatness, make sure to check out the Chronicles of Ambition podcast.

Each episode sees Lou Smith speaking with ground-breaking CEOs and politicians who have actually gone out there and done what they’ve set out to. A firm believer that you should never take advice from someone who hasn’t actually been there, Lou interviews the people who have.

CEOs featured on the Chronicles of Ambition podcast have started businesses, hired dozens if not hundreds of employees, brought in millions in revenue, and weathered major storms. They understand the obstacles entrepreneurs need to overcome because they’ve lived them. And listening to their experiences can prepare you for your own journey.

Politicians featured on the Chronicles of Ambition podcast have dedicated their time in office to legislating on behalf of their constituents and local businesses. They are bringing new ideas to the forefront of the political scene while elevating them to the national discussion. Listening to their agendas and ideas on how to spur small businesses growth are essential to building communities that furnish low unemployment rates, equitable economics, and a marriage of intelligent economic and political power.

Chronicles of Ambition is currently available on Youtube and all major podcast networks.

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